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Why ethical?

Our mission is the cultivation of ethically sourced video production that has a positive financial, social and environmental impact on communities across the world.

As founders of our charitable organization INSPIREFLIX, we understand the challenges other charities face and donate 100% of Ethical Video’s profits to charity.

About Ethical Video


What do we do?

Ethical Video is a full-service ethical video production company. We offer a range of video production services which include commercials, event highlights and product videos. Some of our specialities include corporate and business video production, documentary video production and educational video production, to name a few. Our focus is on creating high-quality and ethical content that engages audiences and generates results for our clients. We understand the importance of video in today’s business landscape, and our team of experienced video production professionals work with clients to ensure that their message is effectively communicated through compelling visuals and sound. Due to our breadth of video production experience, we can help businesses of all sizes in a number of industries and ensure that we achieve the best possible outcome for their business video production project. Likewise, whether it’s a video production project for charities, educational organisations or even government bodies, we can help. To date, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne have been the primary locations where we have assisted clients with their video production needs.

Our 5 step process!

We have a proven 5-step process for delivering exceptional video production services to our clients. Our process was designed to ensure that every aspect of the production is carefully planned, executed, and monitored to deliver high-quality and ethical results. Here’s a brief overview of the steps:


Submit Your Brief


Prep & Schedule


Filming @ Location


Bring it all together


Promo & Distribution

Our process is applied consistently across each project so no matter whether it’s a video production project for charities, corporate video production or business video production, we deliver the same high-quality standard of work our clients deserve. In keeping with our mission statement, only ethical and sustainable practices are utilised in our video production process.

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Ethical Video Pricing by INSPIREFLIX

Interested in having your next video production shot by Ethical Video? With our affordable video production services, we can help with the shooting of your next video project whether you’re in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne Australia, or in fact anywhere around the world!

We offer affordable video production services that are guided by a socially-responsible ethos. Whether you’re looking for corporate video production, video production for charities or anything in between, we have a solution to fit your budget. In an effort to support the non-profit sector, we proudly offer a 30% discount on all video production services for charitable organisations. This means that non-profit organisations can receive high-quality video production services, which they deserve, at an affordable price. This in turn, helps them to meaningfully connect with their target audience and reach their goals. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work with a leading video production company that cares about making a positive social impact. Take a look at our pricing guide below to see which of our affordable video production services may cover your project’s requirements and get in touch if you have any questions.

100% of profits are donated to charity!

Ready to get your video project started?

We love working with businesses of all shapes and sizes; we have done video productions for charities, fashion events, small businesses and everything in between! We can’t wait to hear about your next video production project. Submit your information for us to get back to you with a custom quote for our affordable and ethical video production services.

Check out our work!

Ethical Video has a long history of delivering outstanding corporate and business video production services to its clients. We have completed work for clients in the public sector as well as for commercial entities in various sectors such as the fashion, property and marketing industries. Our expertise in ethical video production has earned us a reputation for delivering high-quality content in a socially-responsible manner that engages audiences and generates results for our clients. Whether it’s a corporate video production project or a business video production, our goal is to provide clients with a complete video production solution that exceeds their expectations.

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